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What kind of training will the Home Health Aides coming to my home have?

Right from the start with a six hour orientation (much longer than many in the industry) we take trainings very seriously. Every month we offer two topics and this past year alone we invited in nurses, social workers, doctors, E.M.T.‘s and an acupuncturist to provide view points from a variety of disciplines. The frequency and importance placed on paid trainings sends the message that we want our caregivers to have the latest, up to date, most comprehensive trainings available in the industry. And we do more than talk about it!

Every year we are seeing a more medically compromised patient being discharged from facilities earlier. Polls tells us their preference to rehabilitate at home and studies show home is a more effective place to recuperrate. And every employee at Collective (administrative team as well) has bed side experience so we know how important it is to have access to the training necessary to do the best you can with every individual in your care. Consistent, paid training offered by qualified personnel means our Home Health Aides are ready to assist you or your family member when they are ready to come home.

What our clients are saying

"The support you gave us over the years will be forever appreciated. We simply could not have kept Granny at home for so many years without your help...the Home Health Aides in your charge were remarkable. Caretaking is quite a journey, which at times can feel very lonely. Your help and support kept us going. Thank you, thank you, thank you..."

- Sharon


We value our certifications and memberships in organizations that advocate for standards in home health care!

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